Kellie Copeland and Jerriann Savelle

Jerriann Savelle and Kellie Copeland grew up together in the Word of Faith. When Jerriann was just six months old, her father— Jerry Savelle began to travel with the evangelist Kenneth Copeland. Just four years apart, an obvious friendship formed between the ministers’ daughters. Like sisters, they experienced the joys and difficulties of growing up in the church spotlight…

As a single mom of five wonderful kids, three equally wonderful children-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren, Kellie has had faith challenges to walk through. But through Jesus’ faithful love and presence, she has been set free from every care and trouble, knowing Him more and more intimately along the way.

Though raised as a preacher’s kid in a Godly faith-filled home, Jerriann chose wrong paths for many years, until she finally placed her full reliance on Jesus. It took many years of repeated struggles and broken relationships to no longer need attention from others and to learn how to be content with herself and the relationship she had with Jesus Christ. Her greatest delight is being the mother of 6 amazing children.

Years later, Kellie and Jerri have reunited to share their own stories of pain and joy, hardship and faith that overcomes the world as women, mothers, friends, and believers. Join them in their open and honest discussion about living a life free from shame and surrendered to a God who loves you beyond all reason.

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