2019 Is Your Christmas of Abundant Harvest!

’Tis the season to be a blessing and to reap an abundant harvest of God’s blessings! The VICTORY team has prepared some fun, Christmas-edition Ministry Minute videos to help you have the best Christmas ever. Plus, the ministers featured on VICTORY have tucked some special gifts under the VICTORY tree just for you. Check it out below!

Enjoy These Fun Christmas-Edition Ministry Minute Videos!

Day 12 - Expecting Daily Harvests This Christmas

Are you expecting daily harvest or just one large one? Watch and learn how you can sow and reap a harvest continually.

Day 11 - Don’t Give Up This Christmas

Have you been tempted to give up on seeing a harvest in your life? Find out how the key in reaping a harvest is in refusing to give up.

Day 10 - Supernatural Promotion This Christmas

Supernatural promotion belongs to you! Learn how you can graduate from fruitcake to fudge this Christmas season.

Day 9 - Speaking Victory Words This Christmas

What kind of words are you speaking this Christmas? See how speaking victory words—even during a busy season—is critical to seeing an abundant harvest.

Day 8 - Join the Biggest Year of Christmas Giving

Are you ready to be an extravagant giver? Discover how your abundant harvest begins with extravagant giving into the kingdom of God.

Day 7 - It’s Not Over Until You Win

Wondering if you’ll ever see a harvest in your life? Find out why it’s not over until you win.

Day 6 - Prospering in Your Work This Christmas

Have you pressed the pause button on your spiritual growth this Christmas? See why you should keep pursuing a harvest, even during this busy season.

Day 5 - Guarding Your Heart This Christmas

Are you guarding your heart? Learn why shutting the world out and putting the Word of God first place will ensure you have the merriest Christmas yet.

Day 4 - Raising Your Expectations This Christmas

Are your expectations high enough? Find out why your expectation for blessing needs to be as high as it can get.

Day 3 - Praising God This Christmas

How are you praising God this Christmas? Discover a simple way to make your life say, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

Day 2 - Running Out of Time This Christmas?

You don’t have to let time become your enemy. Be encouraged that God is here to help!

Day 1 - Sowing Christmas Blessings

Are you ready for a Christmas of Abundant Harvest? You can sow Christmas blessings in the lives of others to see a harvest in their lives and your own!

Merry Christmas from the