Corporate Fast

A Corporate Fast

February 5-25, 2024

It is time to come together and take a stand for our nation—and the world—through a corporate fast. What is a corporate, or proclaimed fast? It is when believers come together in unity for the purpose of turning around serious situations. We often share on FlashPoint and VICTORY News just some of the situations in our nation in our culture that we need to see change.

  • Anti-God decisions begin made in our government
  • The Southern border of this country is wide open
  • The large number of supporters of the horrific Oct. 7 attack on Israel
  • What our children are being exposed to in schools
  • The unabashed censorship and attacks on Christians and biblical ideals.

Together, from Feb. 5-25, we will set our faces toward God in order to bring about breakthrough. Why three weeks? Due to stubborn national and global strongholds, an extended time of fasting is necessary.

Watch this teaching I gave at Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ Believer’s Institute entitled Lord of the Fast.

What We Are Believing for, Nationally and Globally, in this Fast:

  1. An awakening to God in the Body of Christ
  2. An awakening to God in Israel
  3. An awakening to God in America and the nations
  4. The 2024 elections
  5. Ministry breakthroughs
  6. Personal breakthroughs
  7. Preparing for all that is coming


How To Prepare

Together, let’s take the remainder of January to prepare our minds and hearts for the season of fasting. Pray and seek God for what He is asking each of us to lay aside during this time. Take this time to allow the noise to be silenced, so His voice can be heard more clearly. Allow God to pinpoint the things He’s asking you to surrender.


As you seek God, here are additional resources on fasting and prayer.